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Once you have registered for this tour, you will receive a Tour ID number from your Lead Travel Teacher. You will use this ID Number to sign into your personal page which will give you total access to customized FAQ pertaining to your trip.

We look forward to having your child on a Class Act Tour!

Safety is our #1 Priority

Traveling with Class Act Tours is an exciting experience that will introduce you to new places, new people and new cultures. A trip can create memories that will last a lifetime. However, there are certain precautions parents, students and chaperones should take to ensure that their trip goes smoothly and safely. While travel is inherently a bit unpredictable, advance planning can insure against unpleasant experiences.

The following are helpful travel guidelines and reminders about safety. Adhering to the advice will eliminate many problems but obviously cannot provide a guarantee against unforeseeable issues.


  • Remain seated. Most accidents occur when passengers are standing in the aisles.
  • Remember your motor coach number when exiting the coach.
  • Stand clear of the door when waiting for it to open.
  • Exit buses only if the door opens on the sidewalk side and do not exit from the street side.


  • Keep your seatbelt on at all times; in case of turbulence or loss of cabin pressure, you could be injured if not wearing your seat belt.
  • Pay attention to pre-flight safety demonstration and make sure you know where you’re nearest exit is.
  • If you were contact lenses, bring glasses for the airplane. The recycled air can dry out your eyes and make you uncomfortable.
  • Alert the airplane staff of any suspicious behavior of other passengers.


  • Keep door locked and chained and never open hotel door to a stranger.
  • Read the fire instructions on the back of your room door and know where the nearest fire emergency exit is located on your hall.
  • In case of a fire, never use the elevator.
  • Never give out your room number or phone number to strangers.
  • Keep any medication near your toothbrush as a reminder to take it when you brush.


  • Keep the hotel name, address and phone number as well as the Emergency Procedure Card provided by Junior Tours on you at all times.
  • Keep a small amount of money in your pocket to pay for small purchases (drinks, snacks, souvenirs, etc.) so you don’t have to open your wallet in a busy place.
  • Be aware that traffic laws vary in different places and look both ways when crossing the street.
  • Travel with a partner at all times and don’t stray from the group on your own.
  • Avoid public demonstrations or other civil disturbances.


  • Bring an extra pair of prescription glasses and/or contact lenses in case of loss or damage.
  • Wear a waterproof, inexpensive watch and do not wear expensive jewelry. Expensive items can be lost, stolen or damaged.

Class Act Tours are Accredited

Is Class Act Tours accredited?

Class Act Tours is working in collaboration with Conservatory Prep Senior High, which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). This effort enables students to earn a half credit in American Government by completing coursework on a Class Act Tour to Washington, D.C. Credit from Conservatory Prep Senior High is recognized and accepted by colleges and universities throughout North America.

Conservatory Prep Senior High adheres to the standards established by the National Council for the Social Studies.

  • NSS – C.9-12.1 Civic Life, Politics and Government
  • NSS – C.9-12.2 Foundations of the Political System
  • NSS – C.9-12.2 Principles of Democracy
  • NSS – C.9-12.4 Other Nations and World Affairs
  • NSS – C.9-12.5 Roles of the Citizen
The course requirements include pre-tour readings, on-tour work and post-tour reflective analysis in the forms of a Power Point and an essay.

How does the high school credit program work?

  • Students must be enrolled in a Class Act Tour to Washington, D.C.
  • Pre-tour: Students read 3 books and write a corresponding paper for each.
  • On-tour: Students complete a workbook prepared by Class Act Tours under the curriculum supervision of Conservatory Prep Senior High, Inc.
  • Post-tour: Students create a power point explaining the American Government political system, and write a reflective essay.
  • Grading: In order to earn credit, students must pass this course with a letter grade based on a teacher’s assessment.

How to Register:

To register for credit, your child must be enrolled on a Class Act Tour. Then, your child can enroll for the American Government correspondence course provided and administered through Conservatory Prep Senior High. The registration form must be filled out and sent to Conservatory Prep Senior High with a non-refundable payment of $400 for the .5 credit class.

Course goals and objectives:

The goals and objectives of the course is for our students to become effective American citizens by understanding the purpose and function of the American political structure and the needs of its constituents. Students are encouraged to reflect compare and contrast their own belief system as it relates to the Democratic process.

Conservatory Prep Senior High’s correspondence credit program is guided by the National Council on Social Studies’ learning strands (, which meet state and national standards. Students will receive .5 credits to fulfill the American Government requirement.

Travel Forms

Once you have registered for the trip, you will be assigned a Personal Tour Coordinator who will give you a trip number to access your school's account information. You will be able view the full itinerary, easy payment plan and all pertinent information regarding your tour. You will have access to include meeting dates and write up to date information regarding the trip and fundraising efforts. You will also have access to important sample forms such as Parent Info Letter, Medical release form and a behavior contract form. Lastly, you will be able to access grant and fundraising information so that no child is left behind due to financial difficulties.